Hub leadership team

Oasis Hub Waterloo Executive

The Executive is made up of the key leaders of the various components of our hub – Oasis Church Waterloo, Oasis Academy Johanna, Oasis Academy South Bank, Oasis Farm Waterloo, as well as our various projects and is chaired by Steve Chalke who serves as the senior minister of Oasis Church as well as our overall hub leader. Email Steve here.

Oasis Academy Johanna leadership team

Di Morgan - Executive Principal (email Di)
Tara Penny - Associate Principal (email Tara)

Oasis Academy South Bank leadership team

Carly Mitchell - Principal (email Carly)
Hilary Spencer - Chair of Academy Council (email Hilary)

Oasis Church Waterloo leadership team
The team work alongside Steve, the senior minister, to help bring our vision and goals to life. Each member leads or is involved in a 'cluster group' with specific areas of responsibility. The cluster model enables more people to get meaningfully involved in church community life as they can join efforts to grow our pastoral care, music and arts, communications, youth and families work and much more.

Steve Chalke - Senior Minister (email Steve)
Danielle Welch - Chief Operating Officer (email Danielle)
Nathan Jones - Hub Projects Manager (email Nath)
Felicity Maries - Community Development Manager (email Felicity)
Louisa Parrales - Children & Family Development Worker (email Louisa)
Stu Thomson - Head of Youth Service (email Stu)
Dan Chalke (volunteer)
Pumi D'Lova (volunteer)
Leanne Foulkes (volunteer)
Dave Moreton (volunteer)
Kessewa Opoku (volunteer)
Dave Parr (volunteer)
Gerry Rogers (volunteer)
Jill Rowe (volunteer)
Tim Soong (volunteer)
Ben Wythe (volunteer)