Our story

We’re striving to build on our church’s long and rich history of working for community transformation. Beginning its life as Surrey Chapel in 1783, our church was, for instance, a major influence in the start of the Ragged School Movement – which provided schools for local children – and also supported the birth of the Shaftesbury Society, the YMCA and the Bible Society. That same commitment to serve Christ through ‘loving God’ and ‘loving our neighbours as ourselves’ continues to underpin the work of what is now called Oasis Church Waterloo.

Historically our church community was also influential in the anti-slavery movement; William Wilberforce and friends made our building a central London base for many of their anti-slavery meetings, and our spire is named the Lincoln Tower, donated in memory of Abraham Lincoln by friends inspired by his work to achieve the emancipation of the slaves of North America. Today this same passion to end modern slavery continues to inspire the work of one of the Oasis family of charities; ‘Stop The Traffik’.

Oasis Trust was founded in 1985, and now works in 10 countries providing housing, youth work, health care, education and more. In 2003 its founder, Steve Chalke, became the senior minister of Christ Church & Upton Chapel (as our church was by then called). Over the decade since then our renewed vision has led to the development of a wide range of community services focussed on the half-mile radius around our spire, aiming to bring the same story of hope and community transformation on which our church was first founded, 230 years ago.