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*UPDATE* We’ve had a Spring Clean and give our Online Family Programme a fresh look as we move towards the summer. 

Morning Medley: Each morning there’s a different activity you can join in with posted on our Facebook page, including Early Years songtime, challenges, baking, as well as ways to be creative and thoughtful.

Active Afternoon: Each afternoon at 4pm there’s something active you can join in with – whether you’ll enjoy sports skills, dance, fitness with household items, or our Survival Singalong, we’ve got you covered. 

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK, and you’ll be able to see daily events, sign yourself up, and see the videos live.

You can also check out our whole catalogue of videos – from learning to juggle, hula, all our recipes and cooking – on our Youtube page. 









Our programme has four strands:

  1.  Take Care
    We know this is a difficult time for us all – kids, young people, parents, and whole families – and it’s important to remember to be kind to ourselves and others. So, we’ll be posting a daily challenge, thought, photo or challenge to help you reflect on how you’re doing, keep you motivated, be encouraged, and remind us to take care!
  2. Stay Healthy
    This can be hard when we’re limited to our homes, and only allowed one outing per day. BUT there can be ways to stay healthy, and our videos are created to specifically help you and your family think about how to be creative in our exercise and diet.
    Throughout the week, you’ll be able to join our instructors (including a familiar face or two!) to exercise as a family, learn a new active skill like circus or juggling, or do some healthy cooking! These will be posted on as Facebook Live Videos, so make sure to like our page and join the activities you’re interested in live online!
  3. Be Creative and Have Fun!
    We know that everyone has found new routines and rhythms to cope with their school work and activities to keep occupied at home. This can be hard when we don’t have lots of resources, or aren’t too sure what to do. So, to get you connected and keep the kids creative, we’ll be running daily activities for the whole family to join in with.
  4. Parent Check-in
    This is crazy! We know. Super-parent, teacher, entertainer, tech-whiz, coach – you’re suddenly expected to be all these things. But it’s not possible! So, we want to make sure parents can have a chance to check in, keep connected, let some of the emotion and challenges out, and support one another.Your mental and physical health is so important – and is the first thing to get lost when looking after everyone else. We’ll have a few opportunities in the week to join with something just for you – chat over coffee, request a call back from one of our team to just have a listening ear, do a bit of reflection together, and even a chance for some Zumba!
    We’ll use Zoom and Facebook to connect – so watch this space, and let us know if you’re interested in connecting.
Please note, some activities may vary in content, but we hope to update this to reflect any changes. Please be gracious with us if anything doesn’t work, and pop us an email or give us a call if so to let us know!
Whilst most of the programme is open to any families to join in, you will notice a handful of activities are currently specific to Oasis Academy Johanna Families. As we navigate using Zoom and other platforms, we want to ensure Safeguarding and care of our children, so hope to develop these opportunities across the coming weeks to others also. Thank you for understanding.