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The New Testament in A Year is a collaboration of members from our Oasis community, who engage with the big question, “how do we make sense of a complex world as Christ might have done?” We don’t tell people what to think but we want to start conversations from those within our community, who value the wisdom of biblical scripture and the lessons learnt from personal experience. 

The New Testament in a Year Community is our free reading programme designed for individuals and groups, to assist anyone in reading the New Testament together in an online community. With a good routine, anyone can read the whole New Testament in a year. This could be the most fun and insightful way of understanding the themes of the New Testament. We also welcome budding writers from our community.

As a subscriber you will receive: A reading tick-schedule so you can track your progress Weekly questions that can be discussed in groups or online; and Reflections written for each chapter, emailed to you from our very own NTYC writers

To subscribe to the New Testament in a Year Community click here, or feel free to contact us for more information.

If you want to know more about NTYC, The New Testament in a Year Community or any upcoming content, please contact Tim Soong – ntyc@oasiswaterloo.org  | @NTinaYear | www.facebook.com/ntycommunity