Vision, goals and values


The vision of Oasis Church Waterloo is simple: To be an example of what an inclusive community, living Christ’s way, looks and acts like.

Oasis Church Waterloo has three goals which we are continually seeking to work towards to become:

  1. 24/7 – providing a welcome to everyone whatever their situation, whatever the time, night or day.
  2. Holistic – offering a breadth and depth of support, spiritually and socially, to our surrounding community and beyond.
  3. Global – working to develop our impact locally, nationally and internationally.

Oasis Church Waterloo has five core values, which we aim to exhibit as a community as well as through our individual lives:


Intimacy – with God
We believe that we are created for relationship with God. We are called to reflect this through every part of our lives – in our habits and our actions – as we follow and serve Jesus day-by-day; as well as through our regular worship together.

Involvement – in society
We believe that we are invited to partner with God in bringing hope and transformation to all. Our task is to work for this in our own community, and for society as a whole; to help create just and compassionate social, economic, and political structures for the planet and all its people.

Inclusion – of all
We believe that we are made in the image of God, who loves every human being without exception. Our goal is to build an inclusive community that reflects this in our welcome and celebration of all people, whatever our background, social standing, gender, ability, sexuality or ethnicity.

Interdependence – with each other
We believe that we are created to be community together, just as God is community – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We practice this interdependence through our commitment to giving and sharing our resources with each other, including our money, time, and skills.

Influence – through service
We believe that we are called to reflect God’s character and nature, as it is revealed through Jesus’ life, teaching, and servant leadership. Our task is therefore to imitate Christ; to serve with integrity and joy, rather than to seek power and position for ourselves.

It was 8 o’clock on Monday morning.
I was standing by Lambeth North station.
And I saw a new London coming down from the heavens.

I saw a teenager leaping out of bed with joy, laughing with the freshness of the morning.
I saw elderly ladies skipping down Kennington Road.
I saw children paddling in the River Thames.
I saw a football match in Kennington Park and the teams were mixed people from every people group: asylum seekers and taxi drivers, policemen and prisoners, pensioners and politicians.
People from every race and class playing and laughing in the sun.

I saw a street party where the people were eating and dancing because there was hope again.
And I looked across the community of South London; a community of hope, a community of grace, a community of warmth.
And, in the clearness of the morning, I looked down into the Elephant & Castle and there was no more asthma.
No more unwanted pregnancies,
No more debt, no more violence,
No more overcrowding and nobody was too busy.

The River Thames was flowing with crystal-clear water.
There were no more needles and condoms in the park.
No more sorrow of family breakdown. No more poverty. No more need. No more unemployment or mind-numbing jobs. No more hopelessness.

No more sadness and tears, only joy and laughter.
No more discrimination.
No more drunken clubbing.
No threats, no fears.
The dividing walls were gone.
Families and neighbours were restored.
There was no more rubbish, no dealers, no guns, no knives, no dangerous dogs.
There were no racial tensions, just one harmonious mix in technicolour.

And I looked and I saw kids playing football in the streets, and neighbours cheering them on.
I saw homes without locks on the doors, where a welcome was always guaranteed.
I saw a playground with climbing frames that weren’t rusty, where children threw themselves in the air without fear of harm, where the teenagers helped the little ones up to the highest climbs.

I saw a London where neighbours shared favours and returned them without pressure or obligation.
I saw a London where hearts were unbroken, partnerships are lasting, peaceful and happy.
I saw a London where families eat and play together.
I saw a London where tears were wiped away.