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Maintaining a healthy weight can be hard for families as options on the high-street make it really difficult – Food is everywhere! 

Locally in Waterloo, we have a problem: one in three Year six children is not a healthy weight. Healthspace is a chance for us to make the healthier choice the easier choice. We want our school aged children to have the same level of healthy weight as that of the best-performing part of our borough.

Our community will look at times and spaces during family life as ‘opportunity spaces’. By testing changes (or ‘shifts’) to the places we live and spend our time in. We’ll try out stealthy, subtle changes that mean our children’s health is better protected.

We’re not focusing on willpower or what people know. Our work brings people together, around a shared desire to give our children the best start and co-design scalable shifts to the environment. Together we will think and act to make the journey to and from school, as well as the school day as supportive as possible. We will find the places and spaces that make the biggest impact to children’s energy balance and discover practical protective ways to nudge and highlight helpful, effortless, stress-free changes to make healthier choices easier.

For some families who want a bit more support, we will help them plan through difficult patches in their lives. This might include access to quality food at a good price, cooking up tasty meals or making time to help children try new things.

Get Involved

We’ll need the help of local people in the Waterloo to make this work – look out for us at Healthspace.

You can get involved with Healthspace, add your voice to help improve your neighbourhood. Tell us how you think living, working or studying in the area impacts on your health and well-being at Commonplace.