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Oasis Hub Waterloo


Oasis Church Waterloo is a community of ordinary people exploring life together, where everyone is welcomed. Our mission is simply this: To be an example of what an inclusive community, living Christ’s way, looks and acts like. To help us to do this, we wrote three goals which we’re continually seeking to work towards, and five core values, which we aim to exhibit as a community as well as through our individual lives. Read our vision, goals and values here, along with a poem, written around a decade ago, which is a reworking of Revelation chapter 21 and sums up our aspiration for our whole community.

We also ascribe to the Nicene Creed, written in 381 and used by the Christian Church ever since as a universally-acknowledged statement of faith.

We’re also committed to the full inclusion of LGBT+ people – click here to read more.

Finally, there are a few theology resources here.

Being Human

We also think that theology is best worked out through community, so we encourage conversation about all of the above. One way to engage in this conversation is to attend Being Human, our four-week course which looks at what following Christ and being part of Oasis Church Waterloo is all about.

It’s four consecutive Wednesday evenings, starting at 7.30pm in the Hub Coffee House. We run the course a few times a year, and the next course runs from October 2 to 23. It’s a great opportunity to find out a bit more about our church, but also to get to know new people. If you’re interested, get in touch!