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Oasis Hub Waterloo


We are working to make Oasis Church Waterloo a place where everyone feels welcomed and included. 

Accessing the building
When you arrive at the church (which is in a modern school auditorium), there is either a flight of eight steps with handrail outside, or a lift accessed through the main school entrance. We have volunteer welcomers at the door of the church who keep an eye out for anyone who would like to use the lift.

We meet in a raked auditorium and most seats are accessed via steps.  The front row is on the level and is reserved for those for whom this is the most convenient place to sit.  Chairs are easily moved to access mobility scooters or wheelchairs. We also keep a seating area reserved for those who wish to maintain social distancing and anyone who may welcome more personal space. 

All the toilets, including disabled toilets, are accessed at auditorium entrance level.


Who can I speak to about my access needs?
Arriving at the church, you will be greeted at the door by our Welcomers, who wear orange lanyards.  Please ask them for any assistance, whether it is finding a suitable place to sit, water for your assistance dog, accessing the hearing loop, large print information or anything else that will make your time with us comfortable.

Alternatively, please email us at welcome@oasiswaterloo.org.


What happens in the services?
Our services blend readings, news, teaching, singing, a band performing music, and quiet reflection.  Sometimes we include elements like quizzes or invite conversation between people sitting near each other.  You are invited to participate to whatever degree works for you. If you would like to take time out at any stage, the first floor sofa is a quiet space during the service. Please feel free to speak to one of our Welcomers (wearing an orange Oasis lanyard) who would be happy to direct you.


How do I meet people?
After the service, many of us stay and chat over a cup of tea or coffee.  While most people stand and move around to greet newcomers and friends, seating areas are also available.  If you cannot see a seat, please tell anyone wearing an orange Oasis lanyard, who will help. 

We are all, as individuals and as a church, a work in progress. If you experience any barriers to participating and feeling included, we are committed to finding solutions.  Please let us know, either during your visit, or by emailing welcome@oasiswaterloo.org.