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Oasis Hub Waterloo


Welcome! In this busy city setting, our aim is to help to create a local community where people of all ages and situations feel included, know that they can contribute and realise a deep sense of belonging.\

Every week, the Hub makes a significant impact by providing: 

  • Education: Providing outstanding education to hundreds of local children and young people. 
  • Foodbank: Ensuring families have food on their tables.  
  • Debt Advice: Assisting individuals overwhelmed by financial burdens.
  • Family Growth: Creating opportunities for families to grow together and find support.
  • Youth Leadership: Transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people. 

And there’s so much more we do! 

Explore our website to discover all our initiatives. There’s a place for everyone to make a difference. 

If you’re ready to get involved, contact us today.

Oasis Hub Waterloo is simply the best community charity to go to in the time of emergency or crisis. Their staff went the extra mile to support myself and my son in every way they can: financially, psychologically, physically, socially and so on... they gave me a reason to live when all hope was lost.

A Local Parent

It’s amazing to be part of a school where not only my children are included, but so am I as a parent.

A Local Parent

I’ve found a supportive community who accept me for who I am, and I’m so grateful for that.

A Member of Our Church

I’ve been volunteering at Oasis for a few years now and it’s given me a new lease of life! I’ve met new friends and I really feel like I’m making a difference. It’s much better than retirement!

A Volunteer


Oasis is a movement of volunteers, activists and professionals that works in 36 communities across the UK. Through our integrated ‘community hub model’, we seek to create a new sense of neighbourhood, because we believe that when a community comes together, everyone, regardless of their background and starting point can reach their God-given potential.

Oasis is a global family which collectively works around the world delivering a range of projects and services that help tackle social injustice in whatever form it manifests itself. Read more on the Oasis UK website.


meet our team
Headshot of Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones
Executive Director and Senior Minister, Oasis Church Waterloo
Rebekah Gibson
Rebekah Gibson
Operations Director & Community Minister, Oasis Church Waterloo
Headshot of Steve Chalke
Steve Chalke
Founding Minister, Oasis Church Waterloo
Principal, Oasis Academy Johanna
Anna Richardson
Principal, Oasis Academy South Bank
Headshot of Karen Wheals
Karen Wheals
Headshot of Lillian Andreasen
Lillian Andreasen
Headshot of Candice Atterton
Candice Atterton
Headshot of Philip Warland
Philip Warland


Lillian Andreasen moved to the UK from Denmark in 1998. With a background in physiotherapy, Lillian has 18 years of experience working in the third sector here in various roles such as pastoral care of international students, teaching, SureStart manager and rehab manager. She currently provides psycho-social support for women whose children have been removed for a local authority.

Candice Atterton works in Children’s Rights, providing advocacy to children based in a Young Offenders Institute. She has 20 years’ experience working in deprived communities in youth work, community development and children and young people’s public health. Candice has been a local councillor for her local area since 2014 and leads on Adult Social Care, Health and Workforce, where she has oversight of a number of budgets. Candice is passionate about being part of positive change for communities and enabling children, young people and adults to thrive. Candice feels it is an honour to be a trustee for such a fantastic charity with hope and ambition for its community.

Philip Warland spent the first part of his career in the Bank of England. He was the Governor’s Private Secretary, Adviser on Oil and Energy and Chief Press Officer amongst other roles. After a brief time with Standard Chartered the rest of his career has been in asset management, first as head of the trade association, then with IA, PWC, and a head-hunter Halsey, and finally with Fidelity where he was Head of Public Policy. Currently he is a part-time adviser to a Brussels-based policy consultant, Kreab. 

Karen Wheals is a Director at Barclay’s Bank PLC, where she’s worked for 41 years. Her hobbies are reading, gardening, and collecting decorative antiques.


At Oasis Hub Waterloo we highly value our children and young people, and we are committed to safeguarding them and vulnerable adults in our community within the projects we run.

Our policies are in place as a statement of intent of that commitment, which every staff and volunteer must adhere to. We also ensure that all staff and key volunteers are DBS-checked.

Download our Safeguarding policies here:
Children and Young People

Adults at Risk

Privacy notice

Data Protection

Data Protection Officer: Kat Simmonds – contact


Download our annual review and accounts, which tell you some more about highlights from the last year, our strategy, and a full set of accounts:
Financial year 2019/20
Financial year 2018/19