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Over the last few years Oasis Church Waterloo has become known for our inclusive stance towards people who identify as LGBT+. In 2013 our Founding Minister Steve Chalke wrote an article in Christianity magazine called A Matter of Integrity, where he made the Biblical argument for the full inclusion of LGBT+ Christians. We also featured in a BBC documentary called Queer Britain.

If you identify as LGBT+, please know that you are fully welcome at Oasis Church Waterloo. We have LGBT+ people on our leadership team, in our music team, leading our services, preaching, leading our kids and youth work, and at every other level of involvement. We regularly conduct same-sex marriages.

If you have previously found acceptance in a church community or if church has been a source of pain, please know that at Oasis Church Waterloo you are loved and welcomed exactly as you are. In this community you will find support and acceptance not only from a number of LGBT+ Christians but also from a vast number of straight allies.

If you’d like a confidential chat about any of this, please email us

We also run Open House, a safe space for LGBT+ people where one can share their story without any hint of judgement, where one can reconcile their faith to their sexuality and gender identity, where one can just listen to other stories and ask questions, a place where the doors are flung open to show the inclusivity of God in all her/his diversity.