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Violence intervention and prevention

Oasis Youth Workers based in A&E are helping young people to find their way out of knife and gang crime, and other forms of violence.

In response to increasing numbers of local young people repeatedly attending the Emergency Department (A&E) due to violence and aggression, St Thomas Hospital collaborated with Oasis Hub Waterloo in 2010 to create the Oasis Youth Support (OYS) service.

Young people aged 12-24 living in Lambeth and Southwark can be referred to OYS by A&E and hospital staff. They then receive dedicated one-to-one support from a youth worker who helps them to explore the reasons for their referral and identify areas of personal development – steering them away from further violence and aggression, and into safe and positive futures.

As a young person moves on with-in the OYS service they are often linked to relevant youth provision in their local area, whether it’s opportunities through music, sports or arts programmes, or volunteering and work experience. OYS also offers signposting to careers guidance, education and employment courses, as well a housing and support for mental health.

The OYS service was only the second of its kind in the country to be set up, and the first to have in-depth evaluation. Youth violence is a common issue in many places where Oasis works, and we hope to equip other hospitals, charities and churches to reach out to more young people who need to break the cycle of violence in their lives.

For further information or any inquires please do get in touch with our team at: oasisyouthsupport@gstt.nhs.uk

To read our six-year evaluation paper produced by Middlesex University please click here: OYS Evaluation papers