Theology Resources

At Oasis, we believe that theology isn’t just a subject to study; it’s a conversation to explore.

As a movement, rather than adopting immovable statements of faith and defending doctrinal positions, we commit ourselves to the continuous task of honouring and grappling with the Bible in community and with God. We seek to explore our beliefs through conversation, debate and dialogue.

Oasis has also developed the Open Church Network, which will contain a series of resources to help provoke thinking, feed directly into our conversations and encourage further exploration at a church, small group or individual level.

Click here to read Steve Chalke’s article A Matter of Integrity, where Steve calls us to grapple with the subject of sexuality as we aim to become a more inclusive Church.

Click here to read Steve's article Restoring Confidence in the Bible, in which Steve unpacks how we can still use the Bible as a reliable moral and spiritual guide in our twenty-first century globalised world.

And click here for a list of good books to read, chosen by Jill Rowe, Oasis's ethos and formation director and a member of the Oasis Church Waterloo leadership team.