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Open House is a safe place where one can share their story without any hint of judgement, where one can reconcile their faith to their sexuality and gender identity, where one can just listen to other stories and ask questions, a place where the doors are flung open to show the inclusivity of God in all her/his diversity.

Many people have come to realise that God does accept them and are beginning to walk in that freedom to be themselves and to enjoy for the first time the amazing love of God. Being LGBTQIA+ a minority group in faith communities and society, can be difficult and hard to get used to. Being a person of faith in the so called ‘Gay Community’ can also be difficult. People have questions about their faith and sexuality and the practical aspects of being LGBTQIA+ and a person of faith. Open House is a place where people can ask any questions about relationships, sex, clubbing/bars etc and the Bible and can include discussions such as coming out, hate crime, confidence and dating. Open House aims to demonstrate that people of faith can be both self-assured about their sexuality and unapologetic about their faith.

Open House meets on the third Tuesday of every month. For details email Dave Moreton.

We’ve also recently started Torch, a similar event specifically for trans people of faith, which meets on the first Saturday of every month – click here for more.